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Shenzhen, China April 9th-12th, 2016

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Sponsored by Rechargeable Power Energy

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China Information Technology Expo (2016 CITE)
More than 100,000 people attended the 2015 CITE event.

Lithium Batter

This conference has been organized with the vision of bringing together for the world’s premier technical leaders in the fields of Li-ion batteries, EDV, CE and ESS applications, and technologies beyond Li-ion for focused discussions on Li-ion materials, designs and key performance attributes such as safety in EDV, CE and ESS applications and much more.

John Zhang

John Zhang, Ph.D

Chairman of LBIS

Cell Group Chairman IEEE (P1625), Inventor of Ceramic Coated Separator, CTO of Celgard LLC, Chairman of John Zhang Energy Prize (University of North Carolina, Charlotte USA)

Registration and Benefits

LBIS will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Fuhua Third Road, Futian District,
Shenzhen, China 518048

Early Registration by December 31, 2015: $800

Registration by March 1, 2016: $900

Registration after March 1, 2016: $1,000

Lunch each day and access to all lectures.

Day 4 Special Lecture Series with:

  • Tsutomu Ohzuku
  • John Zhang
  • Jeff Dahn
  • Yoshio Masaki

April 9th-11th: China Lithium Battery New Energy Fair (CNEF)
April 12th: Access to Lithium Battery Innovative Tech Summit

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LBIS Leadership

Yoshio Nishi

Yoshio Nishi, Ph.D


Founder of Commercial Li-ion battery, Former Sr. Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Sony Corporation, and recipient of the CS Draper Engineering Prize

Akira Yoshino

Akira Yoshino, Ph.D


Inventor of the Li-ion battery, Fellow of Asahi Kasei Co., General Manager of Yoshino Lab, and recipient of the CS Draper Engineering Prize

Jeff Dahn

Jeff Dahn, Ph.D


Canadian Academy member of Sciences, Professor at Dalhousie University

T. Ohzuku

T. Ohzuku, Ph.D


World renowned Electrode Material Scientist, Professor at Osaka City University

JM Tarascon

JM Tarascon, Ph.D


French Academy member of Sciences and Foreign Member of the Royal Society, Professor at the College de France in Paris

Y. Masaki

Y. Masaki, Ph.D


World renowned Electrolyte Scientist, Professor at Saga University

Lithium Battery International Summit

Contact Information

For event registration or more information on lecture openings or sponsorship opportunities of LBIS, please contact:
+1 (888) 456-9410